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Apply to Nordic Game Transmedia Track

2012-04-18 i Transmedia , Tips , Nordic Game , Deadline , Ansökan


Nordic Game
is repeating the success of 2011, inviting producers / developers from film, tv and games to attend the Nordic Game transmedia track. Why participate?

To get inspired, to learn about transmedia funding and production and to find partners for projects: We're happy to annouce that three actual co-productions has received funding as a result of meeting partners last year: "Cloud Chamber" (DK/CA, Elleville Elfrid (NO) and Hunden Ib (DK) - we hope to invite these producers back to share their success stories in 2012.

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Wanted: Transmedia Documentary Projects!

2012-04-17 i Transmedia , Tips , Sökes , Deadline , Ansökan


The Cuban Hat Project in collaboration with Sunny Side of the Doc are looking for the renegade creators out there who are redefining documentary language!

Do you have an idea for a transmedia documentary project about a burning issue that questions our human condition and challenges the traditional forms of storytelling? Are you thinking out of the box and looking for a community of people alike that can help you realize your vision?

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Transmedia vs. Lean

2012-04-17 i Utbildning , Transmedia , Boost Hbg , Blogg

Photographer: Emma Blomberg

I’ve noticed that there are two parallel tendencies (or mind sets) going on right now in the transmedia world. Interestingly enough they seem to be somewhat in conflict with each other.
What I’m referring to is this:

Lean – keep it simple and test, test, test
The concept of “Lean” is all about handling resources. The idea originally comes from Toyota, who during strong economical pressure in the 80’s managed to find a way of producing cars that minimized the use of resources simply by keeping a strong focus on what customers wanted. During the 90’s the principles and methods of Lean spread over the world reaching diverse industries.

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Two winners of the Cuban Hat Award at BUFF:ff

2012-04-12 i Transmedia , Pitch , Nyheter , Grattis , Festival , Boost Hbg

Boost Transmedia Program participants presented one of the favourite pitches (Ito: The Monster Fisher) at BUFF:ff. In the picture: Lars Håhus, Thomas Borch Nielson, Tim Badylak and Miranda Van Den Brink.

The Cuban Hat is a initiative that allows audiences to encourage filmmakers with the best ideas to get produced. How? By reversing the old dynamic, allowing the public to vote for the best pitch and crowd-fund the project by contributing a donation or pledge to the hat.

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RåFILM prisade på filmfestival i Taipei

2012-04-10 i Nyheter , Grattis , Festival

Anna Klara Åhrén och Anna Weitz får pris i Taipei. Foto: Matthew Wechsler

Filmkollektivet RåFILM:s  Det var en gång på riktigt tog hem priset för bästa dokumentär på TICFF, Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival, som ägde rum i Taipei 28 mars-5 april 2012.

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Bakom linsen på tre filmarbetare

2012-04-10 i Tips , Boost Hbg


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Focus testing with users - an energy boost for the design process

In February we held a focus group at Ozma about the game we're currently developing - Below, a magical realism adventure game, connected to the transmedia universe Granny's Dancing on the Table.

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Free seminar and case study about Multi Platform Stories


Sandrine Girbal creates innovative strategies for multichannel contents: from editorial contents, to the development and design of web and mobile applications. She runs Happy Fannie a transmedia production company in Paris, where she works with a team of authors, game designers, community managers. Happy Fannie developed "Supernatural oddities”, the first french multiplatforms TV serie (fiction) supported by Orange and the National Cinematograpy Center in France.

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Grattis till vinnarna i vår pitchworkshop!

2012-03-27 i Workshop , Pitch , Grattis , Filmcentrum Syd , Film i Skåne , Boost Hbg

Pitchvinnare! Torsten, Engeli, Anna och Olivia

Projekten angivna nedan erbjuds insatser från Film i Skåne, BoostHbg och Filmcentrum Syd. Insatserna omfattar 5000 kr i stipendium, teknik och konsultinsatser/projektutveckling. Besluten baserar sig på det sammanlagda intrycket av projektbeskrivning, pitch och projektets potential under en samordnad pitchworkshop för eleverna på Skurups och Fridhems folkhögskolor. Besluten har fattats gemensamt av Film i Skåne, Filmcentrum Syd och BoostHbg.

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Only a week left to apply to The Pixel Lab

2012-03-26 i Workshop , Utbildning , Transmedia , torinofilmlab , Tips , EU , Deadline , Ansökan


A unique, four-month European business development course bringing together experienced media professionals from different disciplines and industries – film, broadcast, online, mobile, gaming, advertising – The Pixel Lab is designed to increase competitiveness in the international marketplace, advance business acumen and create new collaborative and networking opportunities for participants through focused, project-driven work.

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